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These days my mind is divided in two - the creative of creative writing and the critical of, well critical writing. But it's not that simple https://www.iqoption.net/forex-affiliate of course. Somewhere I feel that it is all the same.... as long as I am writing, then that's okay.

So, what I'm writing is this: I've completed a novel, set in 1980s Dublin and am working on a second, set in Mexico in 1990s which revolves around the Chiapas rebellion. I'm also working on a short story collection which centres on the themes of loss, women and family set in 21st Century Dublin. I'm also www.iqoption.net/forex-affiliate collaborating with Brecht-based jeweller and potter Annemiek Hamelink and we are blogging about our experience in collaboration.

I am currently participating in A River of Stones. Although starting a little late in January, I shall continue into February and hope to enjoy creating a River of Stones. I'll be writing in my notebook as well as directly here. It'll be interesting to see or feel the differences between pen, pencil, paper and keyboard....

The birds scatter across the sky and fill the bare trees like fluttering scarves.

I was in your tummy, he says at four, playing with my tummy toys. But I don't want to go back because I have my own toys now.

We relieved ourselves of a bag-full of possessions like dust from a paino.

This is a website/odd-time blog. I'll eventually figure out what I want it to be! However, I've started reviewing books and am thoroughly https://iqoption.net/crypto-affiliate enjoying it. So there's a start! For past reviews seeReviews

For current writing projects including some collaborative work with crafters see: What Writing

Last updated January 2011

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