I’ll take the rain & the roast tomato soup

It’s 13 degrees out there, it’s dull, it’s getting dark and yes, folks, it’s 12th June. It’s Ireland. Summer appears to have come – for a week or two in May – and then gone.

I am exhausted after working with my editor at Ward Wood Publishing on the final finishing touches to my debut novel Happiness Comes From Nowhere which went to print yesterday. Exhausted yet, of course, delighted. I didn’t crack open the champagne or go mad celebrating. Instead, I started organising my writing:

where am I with all my notebooks, my canvas bags full of notes, my unfinished novels…where are my heart and my head at?


My Mervyn's Roast Tomato Soup with home-made brown bread

I’ve lots of reading and thinking to do. This will slow my pace down. This is good. Unconsciously I’ve already started this – I’m back cooking things, long and slow.

I made Mervyn’s Roast Tomato Soup again and am delighted that author Ruth Joseph and publisher Kyle Books have kindly given me permission to reproduce this recipe.

For the dreary day that’s in it, for the time of year that’s in it, this soup has it all – it’s fresh, tasty, bright and comforting.

And, of course, it feels a little bit special. And for me, celebratory, even.

8 Replies to “I’ll take the rain & the roast tomato soup”

    1. Yes, the moment of having the book in my hands is nearly there! Oh do make it, James, you’ll love it! And I hope you buy the book, too, because that soup is only one of the fantastic recipes!

  1. This time you are telling us the story of Mervyn’s Roast Tomato Soup made by you which is a celebration for you…This story is telling about part of your everyday life which is zealous and is making me spirited. It seems to me the soup is the piece that is not written in the book, but its footpath is in the book hidden somewhere, and your celebration today is its branch and power. As usual it was just so smooth and mollify. Was great celebration Shauna!

    1. Oh thanks so much Mahasty! I hope you try the soup and thanks for the lovely words “its footpath is in the book hidden somewhere..”. Lovely!

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