Launch of Patrick Semple’s “Being Published”

It is wonderful that as part of the writing life, we get to participate in the launch of wonderful books. Thursday, 28th February, is one of those days.

I am honoured to be launching “Being Published” by Patrick Semple.

Being Published
Being Published

It is perfect for aspiring and experienced authors. The book’s message is that while being published requires you to have a working knowledge of the craft of writing you also need a realistic appreciation of the industry and how to negotiate its slings and arrows with good humour.

The launch takes place in NUI Maynooth (Education House, North Campus) at 5.15pm and Patrick will read a short extract from “Being Published” and his two latest publications “Curious Cargo” and “Transient Beings”. Visit Patrick Semple’s website for more details.

All Welcome!


2 Replies to “Launch of Patrick Semple’s “Being Published””

  1. I have always known that if you want a job done well ask a busy person. Our leader, Josephine Finn, asked Shauna to organise the launch of ‘Being Published’. Is she a busy person? Shauna is a wife, mother, full time administrator, just completing her PhD, novelist and it wouldn’t surprise me if another half dozen things I don’t know about. Is she doing the job well? Superbly; over and above the call of duty. Should our leader be pleased with waht Shauna has done? Indeed she should and I have no doubt she is, and I am simply delighted and most grateful to her. Go Raibh Mile Maith agat a Shauna. Pat

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