Story Bowls: Long Term Collaboration

As part of my writing practice I often look to other art forms and talk to other artists about their practice. Annemiek Hamelink’s story bowls (see TwoTrees) have often provided inspiration and she has gleaned ideas from my fiction. We have tried to blog about our back-and-forth collaborations on our real time blog “Story Crafters”.

Annemiek visited me at the end of August and arrived with a story bowl she had created based on an early version of the chapter “Possessions” from my novel Happiness Comes from Nowhere.

Me, my book and my cat

Annemiek had blogged about this collaboration so I had previously seen pictures of the bowl she had created but seeing it in real life – the size and the fragility of it – literally left me speechless.

From the beautiful packaging of the green box (environmentally friendly)

anneM_05… to the full effect of the piece in operation …. the red lights of hope stark against the whiteness of the fragile porcelain.

anneM_20-EditBut I think what struck me most was how people take different meanings from the words we write – and, indeed, things we create – and how the meanings others take are often the most powerful. Perhaps meanings we had not thought of or intended. And that, for me, is really the gift that readers bring to writing, that the viewer brings to art.


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    1. Many thanks, Derbhile, for taking the time to comment. I’d love to hear more about your experience with reaching out to other artists!

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