Collaboration & Community: Artists & Writers

I was delighted to be asked to participate in preparatory creative writing workshops with Clogh Writers as part of their collaborative project Handling Fossils with visual artist Sarah Lincoln (Sarah, pictured, right below with writer Jane Meally).

At a mesmerising event last night, guests were treated to visual interpretations  of the land around north Kilkenny by way of a mixture of Sarah’s still photography and film and invited to digest poetry and prose written and read aloud by Clogh Writers group.

We were brought into the magical world of fossils – underfoot, embedded in the landscape and yet not always visible – and wonder.

The readings were interspersed by exciting visuals which asked rather than answered questions about how we view and engage with our past – and the land around us.

In particular, Willie-Joe Meally’s recital of his poetry powerfully echoed the beauty of the accompanying pamphlet which featured one of Sarah’s arresting images of him holding a piece of coal. (see picture at top of the page)

After the presentation of Handling Fossils I made my way to the back of the community hall where guests were invited to handle some of the tools used to mine coal and find fossils, and, even more interesting, examine some of the fossils.

Collaboration between communities and across landscapes bring exciting creative results – and last night’s celebratory event in Clogh Community Hall in Kilkenny was certainly testament to that.

Connect with Sarah Lincoln and her work by taking a look at her website.

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