Day one over; a few thoughts

Museum in Gijon, Asturias, Northern Spain.

So, day one of full time work is over and, as with everything, once you get back into the rhythm of whatever it is that you’re getting back into, it all seems like you were always doing it. It would seem, also, that the more the mind is active, the more thoughts – even creative ones! – that filter through. Despite the rain, the grey skies, at least that is how today has gone. Habits – as I have titled a short story – die hard.

End of the summer

So it’s not the end of the summer but it feels like to me as I’m due back at work this coming Monday. In a way, it’s part of being spoiled, having too much time off – the more I have the less I want it to end: this new life filled with children and writing. But hey, reality knocks, mortgage rates have gone up and will go up again and bills have to be paid. So I’ve decided to end “my” summer by starting a blog. The idea is that I’ll use it as part of my writing “routine” (when I get one going again) and that I’ll also use it to formulate ideas on writing, to remind myself of writing competitions (by posting about them). Let’s see. For the moment though, I’m heading back to my comfy armchair to fall into the wonderful world Barbara Kingsolver has created in The Lacuna. It helps, of course, that I lived in Mexico in 1994 where I first became obsessed with Frida. Ah. I even bought myself a red lipstick this weekend and a purple frilly dress and had some dear friends over for food and laughs that went on until after 2am. Roll on.

A reminder of the summer: Gijon harbour in Northern Spain.